Monday, July 20, 2009

Promo Packs Are a Hit!!

Hello everyone! I finally have found some time to update my blog with the promo packs update. My 1st show was on July 11Th in Concord, NH at the Concord Arts Market.

The show was real slow, but the promo packs were a huge hit with the crowds. I handed them out to everyone with kids and grand kids, because the packs had cards from Etsy shops who sell children's products. Everyone seemed to like them and I even had a few people take a couple packs to give to their friends.

Here are a few photos from my new booth this year. I still have a few things to change, but for the most part I was very happy with the way it came out. Certainly is a eye catcher with all the color going on..

Lots and Lots of color!!

I would like to Thank each and every one of you who sent me your business cards and samples. I received a ton of cards and I was able to make up almost 150 promo packs. I have more shows coming up in Aug and Sept this year, and I also sell my items in my friends Hair Salon, so I will be placing some promo packs there as well. I hope you all receive lots of traffic to your shops and even some sales. Please see the list of shops below who participated in my little adventure. Again Thank You for helping me promote Etsy and all the wonderful shops.

If you sent me cards and you do not see your shop listed or the link is wrong, please let me know so I can fix it for you. Thank you all again and Happy Sales to ALL of these great shops!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Time No See Giveaway!!!

******WE HAVE A WINNER***** I will post the winner as soon as I hear back from them. Thank you to all who entered in the giveaway and My husband and I would like to thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Thanks again and please come back for blog updates and future giveaways.

AND THE WINNER IS..... Vivien of be sure to check out her cute shop for some great gift ideas.

I know it has been a long time since my last blog and I am so sorry I have been MIA for such a long time. My family has been going through some rough times in the last 2 months and things are just now starting to get back to normal. My husband had been laid off for the 3rd time this year and my Dear Nana passed away. Thankfully my Husband has found a new job and we are starting to get back on track.

Sooooo to make up for my absence I would like to offer a new giveaway from my shop. I have a few new items that I just listed this week and I would like to offer one of my new sets of play food.

This has got to be one of my favorite sets in my shop. I am sure it will become a favorite of your little one too!! The set is all made of felt and cotton prints. The food is stitched on my embroidery machine. It is great for the little kids, because all of the details are stitched on and there is no little beads that could come off and become a choking hazard.

In this cute little set you will receive a donut, a sunny side up egg, pop tart and 2 strips of bacon. The best part is they all come with a smile on their face!! So if you would like to enter for a chance to win this cute little set....go to my shop at and find your favorite item in my shop. Come back and post what item you like the best. Give that item a heart and you will get 2 entries. Please be sure to leave your contact information. This giveaway will run until May 1st, 2009. So that is it..have fun and good luck!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Butterflies are here!!!

Now I really have Spring fever!! I love butterflies and what better way to celebrate the upcoming Spring....This set of 2 butterfly puppets are a sure sign that Spring will soon be here!!

This is a set of 1 hand puppet and 1 finger puppet. The hand puppet will fit a child 1 - 6 years old and the finger puppet will fit just about anyone. They are made out of fleece and I also can make them out of felt. How about adding a set of these to a Easter basket or just a nice gift to say I Love You!!!
You can view this set in my shop at

April showers bring May flowers....

OK, so I'm a bit early, but we are getting another 10 -12" of snow overnight and I am sooooo ready to see some May flowers!! I was going to wait and post these in April, but they are just to cute. Wouldn't they look great in a Easter basket?

These are made out of fleece and come in many colors. They are being sold as a set of 2 and the big flower measures 6" x 4" the little one is 3" x 2". The front of the flower is a applique embroidery design which I have stitched on my machine.
Come to my shop at to purchase a set for your little one.

Friday, February 27, 2009

What Came First.....

The Chicken or the Egg???? That is the million dollar question.

I thought I would give you all a break from the bunnies and present to you ...the Chicken and his egg. This is another softie set that is sure to make anyone smile.
I have made this set out of fleece, but I also can make them out of felt and cotton prints. The chicken is stuffed with a poly fiberfill and the face is stitched on my embroidery machine. Add one to your Easter basket for a special touch.

To view this set in my shop go to..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail.....

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail,
Hippity hoppity,
Easter's on its way .....ok ok I know...keep my day job, right!!

So, here it #4 of my Easter and Spring feature, and this is the new item. Meet Mr. Bunny and his Carrot patch. My kids love this little bunny, and they are requesting it in all colors. I can make them in any color that you would like. These ones are made of fleece and the carrot is made of fleece too. The leafs are ribbon.

The carrot measures 8" x 4 1/2" and the bunny is 5 1/2" x 1 1/2". This little set would make a great gift for any child, and it also would make a nice addition to your Easter basket. So now that I got the Peter Cottontail song stuck in your head, hop on over to the carrot patch at

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail,
Hippity hoppity,
Easter's on its way
Oh No!! Now it's stuck in my head!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mommy..How does the Easter Bunny get inside???

Well...with his magic key!! I am sure you have been asked this question over and over!! Now you don't have to make up can give this Magic Bunny Key to your child, and they can leave it out for the Easter Bunny to get inside with all the treats.

This is my 3rd item of the week in my Easter & Spring feature. The key and bunny tag can be left outside for the Easter Bunny to deliver all of the goodies the next morning. You can make this a yearly tradition for the kids. Think of how much fun they will have knowing that the bunny will have no problems getting inside the house!!

The key is made of cotton prints and the bunny is made from felt. I have tied them together with a piece of ribbon. You can choose what colors you would like your bunny made in. The embroidery design is from Embroidery Garden and it would make a great gift for the little one in your life. To purchase a key go to

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OMG!! They are multiplying!!!

Today is the second day of my Easter/Spring feature. I have all of these little guys hoping around my sewing room, and they are starting to take over!! Help!! They are very similar to my Bunny puppets only these ones are stuffed. Yes, Bunny softies for everyone!!

These softies would make a great addition to your Easter basket. The bigger ones are 6" x 4" and the little ones are only 3 1/2" x 2". You can have them made in any color you would like. The ones I have here are made of fleece, but I can make them in minky and chenille if you would like.

I will be offering these in sets of 2. If you would like me to make them into a family set, just convo me with your request and I will be more then happy to do that for you. Please visit to purchase these cute little bunnies.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm ready for Spring!!!

I am soooo ready for Spring, and I am done with Winter already!! Last night we had over 12 inches of new snow dumped on us in NH. ENOUGH Already!!! I can't take anymore of this white stuff!! Please join me in my "Hurry Up Spring Dance" start of the celebration I am introducing my new Easter line.

I am planning on introducing a new "Easter" or "Spring" item into my shop everyday for the next week. I will have a total of 7 new items by the end of the week, so please visit me everyday for the latest updates. You can purchase all of these new goodies at my Etsy shop...

Today's new item is the "Easter Bunny Crayon Roll" This would make the perfect basket stuffer for your little one. The rolls can be done in a number of different colors and prints. The bunny can be made in your choice of fleece, felt, minky and chenille and you can choose the color of the bunny too!!! The roll itself is made from cotton prints and there is a ribbon to tie it all together. I also am including 6 crayons and a small chocolate bunny to go along with it.

How would you like to add some handmade treasures to your kids baskets this year?? Crayon rolls are a great place to start and it is something that they can use all year long. Hop on over to
and pick one up for your little one today.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My 1st Featured Artist is..........

Laurel's Zoo
If you are looking for a fun and unique shop you need to visit Laurel's Zoo. She has some of the cutest puppets I have ever seen!!! I first came across Laurel's shop when I was looking for gifts for my children on Etsy. My youngest son loves puppets and he already has all of my sets, so I wanted to find him something that he didn't have. I ordered the "Little Kid Green Monster" and the "Little Kid Black Crow" and he Loves them. Actually all of the kids have a blast playing with them. All of Laurel's puppets are made from her own crochet patterns, and they are very high quality and will stand the test of time!!!

Hand puppets are not the only thing you will find in Laurel's shop...She also makes finger puppets and some of the cutest baby booties!!!

Oh and let's not forget about our feathered friends..Laurel makes some of the best bird toys, and any bird would be lucky to have one of these to play around with!!!

And last but not least...Laurel has remembered the little critters. Just take a look at these great sleep sacks and tents she has made for the Hedgehog in your life!!

So, There you have it folks!! If you are looking for a fun gift for you child, furry or feathered friends..please visit Laurel's Zoo. It is sure to put a smile on your face with her funny item descriptions. Don't forget to read her profile and remember it really is a ZOO in there!!!

Now for the Giveaway!!!

Laurel is offering a giveaway from her shop. She could not decide which "Little Kid Hand Puppet" to giveaway so she has decided to let the winner pick which one they would like.

OK, so this is what you need to do to enter...

Go to...
and take a look at her shop. Come back to my blog and post which item is your favorite. Blog about this giveaway and you will get a extra entry. The giveaway will run for 2 weeks and I will draw a random winner on March 6 2009. Please be sure to leave contact information so I can get in touch with you.

That's all there is to it. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

My Other Passion

OK I confess...I do have another hobby and it is creating Diaper Cakes. I just love making these and when I get a order I have a ball making them. I have sold 3 so far and have made a few as gifts for friends.

The one pictured at the top is my latest creation that my Sister-In-Law's company had ordered for a coworker who just had a baby girl. I had a blast making this and it is by far my favorite of all the cakes I have made.

The one to the left in blue is one of my first cakes I have made, and was the first one I sold. It was a 2 tier cake for a baby boy. Don't you just love the little ducky peeking out from the flowers!!!

The last photo is one that I made for a friend in October. I made this as a baby shower gift for her. I am happy to announce she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in December. Congrats Crystal!!!

And the Winner is......

Smilemonsters!!! Congrats and you may choose your item!!

OK, I am so excited about my Etsy shop and finally getting the courage to start my new blog that I thought why not celebrate by offering a giveaway from MY shop... Sound like fun!!

Hmmmm, which item will I choose as the prize? Let's see I have these cute little Penguin hand puppets that are child size , and will fit hands from ages 1 - 6 yrs old very well.

And then there is always the handy crayon purse for your little one. These come in extra handy when you have errands to run and appointments to meet. Just let your little one throw one over their shoulder and off you go. It is great entertainment for your child while you complete your never ending list of things to do. It also comes stocked with crayons and a pad of paper in the back pocket.

Oh and then I have these adorable little guys. These are also Child size hand puppets for hand sizes from ages 1 -6. You get to choose 2 from any of the ones
pictured. Lets see..there is a tiger, frog, duck and a pink poodle. They are all made from soft fleece and are so soft and fun. Any child would love to put on a puppet show with these fun little guys.

Well I guess I just can't decide which item to choose...What shall I do now?? Oh, I got it!! I will let you choose from the 3 items listed. HA, I think I like this blogging thing...OK so these are the rules.

Just go to my shop and come back and post YOUR favorite item from my shop, and then post which is your favorite out of the 3 that I have pictured on my blog. Now, you must leave a comment in order to be entered in the giveaway. I will draw a random winner on March 1st, 2009 and contact you requesting your choice of 1 of the 3 items I have pictured above.

Thanks for playing and Good luck to you all!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm new at this you couldn't tell.....

Hi there and please forgive me if I seem like I don't know what I am doing, because..well I don't!! I have been putting off starting a blog for sometime now , and I figured it was now or here we go!!!

I have been so excited about my Etsy shop and how much it has grown in the last few months and I am looking forward to this new year . I have been doing mostly embroidery in my shop and this year I plan on adding some quilting into the mix, so keep your eyes out and watch for the updates.

Etsy has introduced me to many great and wonderful people. I have made some good friends and found lots of neat shops. It seems everyday I click on Etsy I find new and exciting shops to add to my favorite list. I am planning on contacting some of my favorites and posting them here on my blog so I can share them all with you.

Thanks for visiting my blog and you can visit my shop at